Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Our Second Ever Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year is...

It's official. 

After 87 votes, we are ready to announce our second ever Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year. 

With 38% of the tally, the winner is...


In true Canadian style, we would like to apologize to those who came up short this time around: Greg Hillis (with 30% of the vote), Sam Rocha (with 21% of the vote), and Jane Kovemaker (with 11% of the vote). 

Some would say Jane is the true hipster, coming in with the least amount of votes, but today we're going to allow this maple leafed crown to reside with the one and only Saska Priest,  Fr. Darryl. 

Well done, eh?

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Chimney - Episode 123

You ready for a brand new episode of The Chimney? 

We're talking about Mike Pence at Notre Dame, the new cardinals, and Pippa's wedding!

#CanadianCatholicHipsterOfTheYear 2

Welcome to our 2nd Annual Canadian Catholic Hipster of the Year!!!

Last year, Sister Helena Burns walked off with the title. Who is she going to have to hand the crown to this time around? 

Here are your maple leaf loving, Tim Bits eating, always polite and apologetic, nominees:

1. Fr. Darryl 

How could you not vote for the priest who always makes sure to rock the Rough Riders jersey at the Vatican? He seems like a total lock to me, eh?

2. Sam Rocha

But just when you think Fr. Darryl can walk away with the win, Vancouver's Sam Rocha hits the list and you barely know what to do. Can Sam step up and take home the crown?

3. Greg Hillis

Canadian ex-pat, Merton expert, professor of theology at Bellarmine. Man, this choice is getting exponentially more difficult with each nominee being listed.

4. Jane Kovemaker

One half of the Canadian Catholic Power Couple, Jane loves beer, blogging, and her children, so she is definitely a solid choice.

How can you pick? 

All these Canadian Catholics are bringing it and deserving of your click!

Make your choice, head on over to Twitter, and let us know!!