Friday, August 26, 2016

When is Catholic radio not Catholic radio?

I love Catholic radio. 

Catholic Answers and ETWN Open Line were crucial in my reversion back to the faith, and I'll never cease thanking God for the impact Catholic radio had on my life.

That being said...

When elections come up, Catholic radio works hard to remind us to vote as Catholics. Typically, I appreciate their approach, but lately the push has made me increasingly uncomfortable. It has become less about principles and more about a blind allegiance toward the Republican party, and even worse, Donald Trump. 

It's kind of like: "Hillary would be terrible, and we have to defeat Hillary, even if that means electing someone at least equally as terrible (or possibly even worse)..." 

I realize people are going to say this isn't the case. 

Catholics in media, and on the radio specifically, painstakingly remind everyone that they are just pushing the principles of the faith and not actually supporting individual candidates or parties. 

But at some point, we all start to see through it. 

Just in the past week alone, I've listened to Catholic radio on my work commute supporting the building of a wall along the US/Mexico boarder, point out that an Atheist group gave Hillary Clinton an A grade and Donald Trump an F grade so that's proof enough who we should vote for, and push ever so gently toward a Nationalist point of view. 

While I understand people who vote based on a single issue, especially one as clearly terrible as abortion, I think this election presents a mirky situation. 

Sure, Hillary is a terrible choice if we hope to see the pro-life movement gain any ground over the next 4 years. But, have you met Donald? He praises Planned Parenthood and feels that women who seek out abortions should be punished. He wants to immediately deport people who have come to this country looking for a better life, which would inevitably break up families. He has zero desire to actually help people being persecuted in war torn countries. He asked why we don't use nuclear weapons more frequently. He flat out stated that he doesn't feel the need to ask God for forgiveness for anything in his life and he never has...and yet he says the Bible is his favorite book. 

I'll stop because I know how much digital ink has been spilled on this, but I just want to point out that the choice for Catholics isn't as clear as it may have been in the past, and it pains me to hear Catholic radio present it as such. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Back-to-Back #HipsterCatholicMusic wins for...

The Daughters of St. Paul!!!

That's right, after 99 votes, the Media Nuns have come back to take home their second consecutive crown!

I'm pretty sure Blessed James Alberione would be cool with changing the FSP nickname from "Media Nuns" to "Hipster Nuns" at this point. 

Congrats to the Sisters, and all the awesome musicians who were also up for the award!

Monday, August 22, 2016

The Second Annual #HipsterCatholicMusic Award!

Welcome, you lovely Catholic Hipsters, to our second annual big time music award!

Last year, we had a pretty impressive crop of nominees battling for the title, with a surprise victory from the Daughters of St. Paul!

This year it's a whole new battle to see who brings it best when it comes to #HipsterCatholicMusic.

Are you ready to rock, and gently roll?

Here are our nominees:

Marie Miller

This singer and songwriter focusing on folk and pop was the first suggestion to come across the Catholic Twitterverse. She's rocked out the bluegrass at the Catholic Family Conference, she recently performed at the World Youth Day Krakow In The Capitol Event, and her Twitter feed is an absolute joy!

Harrison Lemke

His new album of sad Bible stories dropped a few months back, and folks on Catholic Twitter have been pumped up ever since. He's also claims to be from "Purgatory, TX", which should be enough to score at least half the votes cast. 

Dave Moore

How could someone with a beard that cool not just straight up dominate the voting here? Seriously. He lives in Corpus Christi, he's on a local radio station busting out the latest in cool tunes, and he's even been featured on Aleteia! 

Daughter of St. Paul

Last year's winners are back in business, continuing to make fantastic and habit-forming music (I enjoy myself here). Do yourself a favor: Go to Spotify, look up the Daughters, and enjoy the heck out of yourself :)

There you have it! 

Head on over to Twitter to vote and don't forget to use the hashtag #HipsterCatholicMusic to bump your choice!

Ready? Set? Go!!!