Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The #CatholicHipsterMusicAward goes to...

We were hanging on the edge of our seats to see if the Daughters of St. Paul had the backing to pull off their third straight Catholic Hipster Music Award title, but in the end it wasn't mean to be.

With 243 votes tallied, the FSP grabbed 35%, and ultimately had to hand off their long held crown to Fr. Kevin McGoldrick!

Fr. Kevin took home 39% with a great late push by his fans, and now holds the title of Ultimate Catholic Hipster musician! 

Listen to his jams here and maybe go see him at one of his upcoming shows

Congrats Father! I'm sure the Daughters will be praying for the Holy Spirit to guide you to continue to glorify God through your music!!

Monday, August 21, 2017

The Chimney - Episode 149

Done viewing the Eclipse? Then come listen to the best tweets about the Eclipse!!

The Third Annual #CatholicHipsterMusicAward

It's that glorious time of year where we bring you the music award to end all music awards.

It's time for the Catholic Hipster Music Award 3! 

The winner of the previous two contests was the Daughter of St. Paul, and...the Daughters of St. Paul!

That's right: the nuns founded by Blessed James Alberione truly rock the house. 

Will the FSP be able to hold onto the crown for a third straight year?!?!

Here's our list of noms:

An ordained Catholic priest and contestant on the 2015 Australian version of the show X-Factor, Fr. Rob is building a huge fan base and working hard to lead them to Christ and His Church. Definitely worth a listen, and possibly a vote!

The priest with the debut album called "Square Peg / Round Hole" made an appearance at a local Catholic Underground Event...well, local to me...and he's definitely worth checking out!

3. The Choir at the Cathedral of St. Mary's in Austin, TX

Coming in as a nominee from Edel 17 attendees, this is one you probably have to hear in real life to believe :) 

Here they are, spreading God's work through media and ruling the charts with their epic music. Will everyone's favorite religious sisters be able to maintain their dominance among the Catholic Hipster Music ranks?

Alright friends, go to Twitter and vote for your fav right now!!